We’ve been members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School since shortly after it launched and have recently increased our use of their resources and supplied a case study of our business as part of our company-wide effort to improve sustainability.

The SCSS describe themselves as “a free learning environment, upskilling those working within, or aspiring to work within, the built environment sector.”

The resources on the SCSS website cover a wide range of topics relating to sustainability and the construction industry, ranging from Lean to Digital and Offsite construction.

To further assist with our company’s move towards becoming a more sustainable business, the SCSS offers assessments which you can complete at regular intervals.

These assessments, completed as either an individual or a group, can help your business understand where you can improve your knowledge in a number of areas within sustainable construction.

As a company which prides itself on its approach to innovation, the Supply Chain Sustainability School is a community that we knew we wanted to be involved in and we are thrilled to have reached the Gold Membership accreditation with them.

You can read our case study on the SCSS website under ‘Member Case Studies’ or by clicking on the following link: SCSS Bennett Architectural

If you would like to read further about our involvement in sustainable construction techniques within the MMC sector, click here.

For more information about our industry accreditations, follow the link. 

Health & Safety Award for Hammerstone Road, Gorton

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