Bennett Architectural hosted a training seminar from SE Controls to benefit staff from the Sales, Estimating, Design and Purchasing teams.

The presentation provided comprehensive information on the following areas:

  • Review of smoke and natural ventilation solutions
  • Update of regulations for methodology and calculation of free areas
  • Construction products regulations compliance

Chris Bruerton, Design Team Leader at Bennett Architectural commented,

“The S.E. Controls overview course proved to be extremely useful, not only for myself but for all of the Design team. Normally on the projects we work on, the Architects and Main Contactor, in conjunction with Building control have worked on the free air and/or smoke ventilation requirements for a particular building.

“However, what became apparent at the beginning of the session was the differing understandings or interpretations of not only the guidelines but indeed how the requirements are calculated.

“Most importantly and of particular note to Bennetts’s was the testing and certification criteria relating to smoke ventilation.

“This is very important when supplying CE marked products and noted the importance of the Declaration Of Performance (DoP) which Bennett’s must provide in order to fully comply with a tested and certified A.O.V. Smoke Ventilation Window.”

Health & Safety Award for Hammerstone Road, Gorton

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