Have you ever wondered what’s like to work in Sales for Bennett Architectural?

We spoke to Sales Administrator Marlena Howell about her typical working day.


Tell us 3 words to describe your job? 

Methodical, co-operative, thought-provoking.

What can you remember about your first day/week at Bennetts?

I felt excited and overwhelmed at the same time, I was changing from working full time in electronics industry to working full time in architectural trade.

What is a typical day as a Sales Administrator?

Firstly, I enter new enquiries onto our database and any amendments and download architectural information. I send various letters and emails to the clients to allow a swift communication between them and our Estimating team. I make calls to the clients on a daily basis to follow up on any information and updates on projects. Lastly, I prepare various reports such us KPI’s.

How would you describe your job to a stranger?

My job the involves usage of a computer for most part of the day. It also entails communication with various departments within the organisation in order to distribute information.

What’s the biggest challenge in your job?

Expecting the unexpected.

The architectural industry is a very dynamic one and projects can be put on hold and brought back into construction in unforeseen manners.

Tell us what you’re working on at the moment?

I enter numerous enquiries for various different projects on a daily basis, I don’t usually work on one specific job.

What has been your crowning achievement to date at Bennetts?

My crowning achievement is gaining understanding about the aluminium glazing industry and the business.


Find out more about our Sales team Here and look out for some features from different members of our team coming soon.

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