When Dave Lawton decided to sell his bakery business and retire back in 2001, he never thought his next step would lead him to Bennett Architectural.

After Lawtons Bakery, which Dave co-owned with his brother and their families was sold, he decided to cut his retirement short and become a driver at Bennetts which was based at this time in Tunstall.

As the business grew and took on bigger and more complex construction projects, Dave has also developed his role having started as an agency driver to now becoming Logistics Manager.

Dave Lawton commented,

“Bennetts had never had a driver before at the point I came on board and we have continued to expand with taking on another member of the Logistics team.

“From starting as a baker and working in a small team to coming to Bennetts and now working in a team of 20 plus in the workshop has been a refreshing change for me.

“I have no plans to retire anytime soon. I’ve always enjoyed the job and it keeps me active and is always challenging.”

Lionel Grant, Managing Director added,

“Dave has become an integral part of the team at Bennett Architectural and developed our Logistics to enable us to take on bigger more challenging projects.”

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