It is becoming increasingly important for businesses across the supply chain to take responsibility for the effect of the construction industry on our environment.

One way to do this is using offsite construction methods, with which we have developed an expertise by working alongside multiple industry-leading main contractors on their MMC projects.

We know how to efficiently provide the best aluminium glazing solutions for an offsite approach, starting with early engagement to ensure all requirements can be met to the utmost standard.

What is MMC and Offsite Construction?

Modern Methods of Construction encompasses a wide range of solutions with the goal of improving the current issues within the construction industry, one of these solutions is offsite construction.

An offsite approach can involve part, or all, of the construction process being prefabricated off site from smaller assemblies and sub-assemblies to the primary structure. The primary structure of a building in an MMC project can be prefabricated in volumetric (modular) and panelised forms.

This then has a positive effect on the construction process, including:

  • Better schedule and cost certainty
  • Fewer safety incidents
  • Improved quality control
  • A reduction in the impact on the environment

DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) is another offsite construction technique which requires designers to think not just of the end result, but of how the structure will be assembled and its quality of performance on site.

Our Capabilities


We are specialists within MMC at Bennett Architectural and have experience providing technical window and glass solutions to clients with a plethora of quality specifications, such as those for the Department for Education, Ministry of Justice, and the National Health Service.

Our team have a detailed understanding of a range of considerations including the solar, thermal and acoustic requirements needed for any project. This can be seen in our work on The Grange University Hospital:

Modern Methods of Construction



Our experts can install our windows into all offsite systems which demonstrate compliance with MMC whether they are volumetric or panelised, including: precast concrete, timber, steel and hybrid systems.


We operate in all sectors with extensive experience in the Health and Education sectors in regard to MMC, demonstrated by our inclusion in the DfE Offsite Framework.

Offsite construction methods are proven to work exceptionally well in Health, Education, Commercial, Custodial and Residential projects due to improved schedule certainty and workplace safety.

Recent projects that we have been involved in have been significantly ahead of programme and on budget.


Aluminium windows are an attractive solution for your modern building and our products can be customised by design and introduce texture and colour, providing sleek and aesthetic designs with many possibilities.

It is no longer the case that modular or panelised buildings have to be unoriginal. DfMA allows us to create inspiring buildings utilising BIM technology and new Modern Methods of Construction techniques and materials.


We have been using BIM in our projects since 2013, making us one of the first Kawneer fabricators to incorporate ‘BIM Families’ within a Project BIM.

Our use of BIM allows us to ensure we offer cutting edge design for your project as well as provides an easier way of monitoring the efficiency of our products for the future.

For more information on our involvement within MMC, or to find out how we can collaborate with you on your next offsite project, fill in the contact form below:

Health & Safety Award for Hammerstone Road, Gorton

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